Paul Holmes - Asshole of the Week Award | The Jackal

27 Mar 2011

Paul Holmes - Asshole of the Week Award

OK! So we've had an allegation concerning Darren Hughes, one of the Labour ministers. The police have been informed and will appropriately look into the matter. Do we have to have a trial by media who has run the story at the beginning of every news hour for the last four nights? Do we have to have a media beat up when there are far more important things happening in the World?
Paul Holmes’ ravenous attack on Phil Goff with continued interruptions this morning was particularly disgusting! Insinuations that the issue has caused a lack of confidence in Mr Goff as Labour leader have been a complete fabrication by the media and their National party rulers. An issue that has given Phil Goff the most airtime he’s had in the past year, all built on media hype and spin to try and damage the Labour parties re-emergence as a contender in the next election.

Phil Goff’s response can only be determined as an excellent example of leadership. He even admitted he was wrong in one instance. What other politician has ever done that, even when their crimes are blatant and inexcusable? That’s the kind of man who should be leading New Zealand to a better future... Not some lying snivelling little letch that will sell us all down the river.

It is apparent that Holmes has absolutely no respect for proper debate and would rather arrogantly reside in delusional grand standing. That’s why this week the asshole award goes to… you guessed it, Paul Holmes. Hurrah!