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25 Feb 2011

Update: Christchurch Earthquake

Official missing people hotline: 0800 RED CROSS, 0800 733 276.
Overseas: +64 7 850 2199

Could all foreigners call home please. 

The government earthquake help-line now caters for 41 different languages. The number is 0800 779 997

Police have now put the death tole at 113. An announcement is scheduled for later today. There is an expectation that the number will rise with another 228 still missing. To date, there have been 70 live rescues.

People posing as rescue personnel, rubberneckers and people sneaking into cordoned areas are a problem. Please respect the cleanup operation and keep the roads clear.

There is a warning of a credit card scam. Please refer to the donations page and verify all account details before making a donation:

An improvement in the weather is helping operations. Light rain is forecast for Wed 2 March with heavier rain on Thursday.

Power has been restored to many areas.

Sewage infrastructure is very damaged

There is a major mobilization of the police who are focusing on getting families of victims back together.

More than 350 international rescue personnel are on the ground with an expectation for this to rise to 700 shortly.

The army is cooking up a storm.

Desalination plants are operational.

Presently there is no shortage of food, water or fuel.

The Census scheduled for March 8 has been cancelled.

The response from NZ business is phenomenal.

Wharves in Lyttleton have been damaged, there are two cargo ships with supplies inbound.

Cell phone coverage has been restored in all but 17 Vodafone sites with free payphones throughout the area. It will take months before the telecommunications system is fully repaired, Telecom has  implemented a free redirection service.

The Lyttelton tunnel remains closed to private vehicles.

The Green Party propose a special earthquake levy to help rebuild Christchurch.

Thousands of students manually shift sediment from driveways and roads.

I’m proud to be a Kiwi.