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27 Feb 2011

Fran O'Sullivan - Asshole of the Week Award

The first to pull out their knife with this article is Fran O'Sullivan:

"Key should do the same. This is the opportune time for him to review the extent of his Government's tax-cuts, which are being funded through borrowing and not healthy surpluses, and the extent of the interest-free student loans and Working for Families tax credits bequeathed by the previous Government."

So lets make the least able to soak up additional expense to pay for the rebuild, bear the brunt of the expense? This lady is really getting on my tits. Who gave her a license to champion such fascist rubbish!
"This tragic event should also be the spur for Auckland's leadership to get on to its own feet and stop being a drain on the nation's finances. And for businesses to show the way by committing to reinvest in the city."

Ah! Quoting directly from the book of dogma there is see. Nothing like a good dose of regionalism to go with all the other isms this Tory troll is known for. At least they're all reading from the same script huh!

Way to go Fran, a good dose of divisiveness is exactly what the country needs right now. That there ladies and gentlemen is why Fran O'Sullivan wins the asshole of the week award.