Exonerated Scientists say Climate Change is Real | The Jackal

27 Feb 2011

Exonerated Scientists say Climate Change is Real

Well it's been found that climate scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration didn't manipulate data at all. It's all a big beat up. A Republican-led federal probe said no data had been manipulated, after leaked e-mails in 2009 sparked the climategate controversy. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

After the inspector general of the Commerce Department reviewed thousands of leaked messages, including the 289 that were exchanged with NOAA scientists, he found no evidence that NOAA inappropriately manipulated data. Conclusively! But they also cleared the little arsehole who cried wolf; Lucbhenco for testifying before Congress that the e-mails did not weaken the science of climate change. There's a cold place in hell for all you deniers.

Climate change skeptics suggested the stolen e-mails they were privy to, was proof of a conspiracy to corroborate a near-unanimous consensus among scientists that the earth is in part warming because of human activities. You know, that big 4X4 you drive. With a new player on the block as well (black carbon) in terms of a man made pollution causing the climate change effect, that scientists hadn't fully considered to be a major contributor before, the climate change deniers are getting desperate. However the world is becoming aware of the disinformation machine and want a change to clean tech alternatives. This threatens the establishments whole dysfunctional and corrupt system that is built on dirty and unsustainable fuel.

While right-wing idiots have effectively curtailed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its ability to limit pollution levels, the Commerce Department's investigation may boost the good guys efforts to persuade the public that carbon emissions are having a dangerous impact on the planet. If you hadn't notice the warning signs yet and all the weird storms going on lately, you probably deserve to die. Wake up and connect the god damn dots!

So disinformation tactics are getting pretty dirty. Thankfully the investigation exonerated the scientists of any misconduct. The Pennsylvania State University, the InterAcademy Council, National Research Council and the British House of Commons also cleared the scientist of any wrong doing.

Unfortunately climategate has weakened the likelihood of comprehensive energy and climate change regulations to control Americas pollution in the near future, allowing the so called land of the free to drag its heels even more. At the moment there is a decision on how much the toothless EPA will be able to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and a good old stoush between the Obama administration and the GOP-led House. It's a war out there. Change must be made people, don't let it be too late.