An open letter to the Green Party. | The Jackal

24 Feb 2011

An open letter to the Green Party.

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Firstly let me thank you on behalf of all unemployed people for being the only party that stands up for the little guy. I am very appreciative of the fact that the Green Party thoroughly understands the issues and is prepared to do something about the apparent war on our welfare state.

The relevance of giving the impoverished a voice they would not normally have because of socio economic circumstances and making that voice heard, is very important for our countries future.

The Green party of New Zealand has true Kiwi spirit, which gives me hope that we can endure any natural disasters we’re facing. However the environment is under constant challenge by dirty industries and their political associates. This unhealthy relationship has existed for a long time and requires challenging on many fronts for success in safeguarding New Zealand from internal and foreign interests, that place money before anything else.
The rigorous debate I have witnessed over the last few months concerning the dairy industry, kraft mills, transport, fuel, economics, privatisation, unemployment and food etc on Frogblog is a healthy reminder that there are solutions and many enlightened individuals willing to devote a lot of time to find them.

Through the use of technology and information, any government can gauge what the people really want. I am pleased for this technological development within the political realm, which the Greens have embraced and think that it will lead to more accountability within the political environment.

It is apparent to me that the Green party is willing to undertake policies that are difficult because they raise issues concerning the survival of the human species. As a human that wants to survive, I thank you with all sincerity on behalf of all humans for being the voice of reason and insight into the many challenges we will face together in the future.

Yours sincerely, The Jackal.