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19 Aug 2017

PM confused over latest court action

The National led government hasn’t been very good for New Zealand. Not only has there been significant social and environmental degradation under their watch, our justice system is also under considerably more pressure from an increased workload.

That’s why it’s great to see a group of experienced lawyers take time out from their busy schedules to proceed with court action concerning the deaths of Afghan villagers during a raid involving NZSAS personnel.

Yesterday, Radio NZ reported:

Afghan villagers' lawyers go to High Court

The lawyers acting for Afghan villagers caught up in a raid allegedly involving the SAS have gone to the High Court to try to get a government inquiry.

In April, Prime Minister Bill English said there was no basis for an inquiry.

But the lawyers - Rodney Harrison QC, Deborah Manning, and Richard McLeod - said today that decision was unlawful and they had filed papers seeking a judicial review.

In June, the United Nations Committee Against Torture asked the government to report on what measures it had put in place to fully investigate the allegations about the raids.

The National led government's answer was unfortunately to do nothing except try to cover things up. They've neither properly investigated nor been honest with the information that has been released.

But what makes the Prime Minister look even more contemptible is that he thinks the Lawyers involved in this worthwhile case are acting for Nicky Hager, and not the Afghan villagers.

Yesterday, 1 News reported:

Afghan villagers take NZ Government to High Court over claims SAS raid killed locals

Bill English said:

“You always expect something from um, Mr Hagar in the run up to an election.”

English was either not properly advised or he’s completely delusional!

As previously reported this isn’t about Nicky Hager, it’s about the government failing to undertake an inquiry into the deaths of innocent people during a raid involving the SAS. It’s about some very good and well-respected lawyers having to take the government to court because the National party, even after considerable international pressure from the United Nations, has failed to do the right thing.

The book Hit & Run was published in March 2017 and the lawyers have stated that the delay in initiating proceedings was because of the distance to their clients. Therefore simply saying it’s all just Nicky Hager again shows just how out of touch the Prime Minister has become. He’s clearly unfit to lead the country, as well as the National party.

Anybody who values truth and justice should look towards a political party that will actually investigate war crimes when they occur… they should therefore vote for a party that will change the government.