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2 Aug 2017

Andrew Little - Hero of the Week

Andrew Little is the type of politician we need in New Zealand. He’s honest, dedicated and cool under fire. These are qualities that we should be looking for, especially as the world becomes more destabilised.

It was somewhat disconcerting to see Little step down as leader of the Labour party, especially over some media controlled polling. However I can understand why he decided to do so. ‘What’s best for Labour’ he would have considered. In a few weeks' time I guess we’ll have our answer.

Yesterday, the E tū Union reported:

“While we are as surprised by this as anyone, I understand the reasons Andrew has decided to step aside,” E tū National Secretary Bill Newson says.

“We have supported Andrew because of his commitment to working people, his integrity, and his passion for making New Zealand a fair and just country. I believe those values will have helped him make his decision today.

“The Labour team in parliament is full of talent and will be proud to support the new leadership. Jacinda Ardern will be an exceptional leader and Prime Minister,” Bill says.

“We know Jacinda as someone with great values, commitment and energy. Our members were excited by her during the Mount Albert by-election. Her track record within the party of connecting with people and bringing people together are just some of her great leadership attributes.

“We understand the MMP environment, and even on current polling there is a majority of voters singing out for real change in September. We’re part of that chorus.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but with Jacinda Ardern in charge there’s a new energy about the Labour party. They certainly haven’t let another change in leadership, hopefully their last for a good while, dent their optimism at becoming the next government of New Zealand. Ardern’s positivity is obviously infectious and should add a good percentage to Labour’s final election result.

The right wing on the other hand and their propagandists are looking decidedly pathetic! Reduced to making up lies and attacking Ardern over her age, National's media lackeys are flailing around with weak personal attacks, which if anything are an endorsement for Ardern's new position.

The problem for them is that Ardern has had more than enough political experience to lead Labour and the country into the future. As quick-witted as David Lange was at his best, Ardern is eminently qualified and skilled in the art of debating to take on the proxy Prime Minister, Bill English. I'm almost expecting him not to turn up.

In the mean time I hope Andrew Little retains a good ranking and stays on after the election. He’s the type of salt of the earth Kiwi that New Zealand needs in parliament. That’s why Andrew Little wins this week’s Hero Award. He will no doubt keep fighting the good fight.