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25 Aug 2017

John Banks - Asshole of the Week

What is it about the Act party that they attract a very low form of political life form? Could it be that one of the party’s founders, Roger Douglas, wasn’t exactly an upstanding citizen and his devious mentality has simply continued to pollute the party in his absence?

Even Act’s current so-called leader is a dishonest and mealy-mouthed fool! David Seymour, with his campaigning akin to fingernails scratching a chalkboard often tries to make political capital by obnoxiously attacking positions other parties don’t actually hold.

It’s a pathetic form of politicking that only survives because of National’s dirty deal in Epsom.

Gaining just 0.6% in recent polling, the Act party is clearly desperate for public attention and will do anything to get it. However the only notice people are presently paying the rogernomes is because of Seymour’s bad fucking language and their former leader, John Banks, being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On Wednesday, the NZ Herald reported:

Paternity case: John Banks urged abortion and helped source the drugs - claim

John Banks urged the mother of his illegitimate child to have an abortion and then supplied drugs to make her miscarry and pressured her to take the necessary dose, court documents allege.

The woman, who says in a sworn affidavit she became pregnant after having sex with Banks in a Hamilton motel, claims she refused to take the pills and the two-term Auckland mayor ended their relationship.

She also claims he encouraged her to form a new relationship then pretend her next sexual partner was the child's real father. She subsequently did - perpetrating the lie for three decades, she says in a sworn affidavit.

I have no doubt at all that these allegations are true.

When Shaw finally tracked him down in an Auckland courthouse last year, Banks allegedly was reluctant to speak to him. An aide blocked Shaw's path then told police Shaw was "mad and stalking John", it's alleged.

The Herald was granted exclusive access to court documents relating to the paternity case, including sworn affidavits by Mayes and Shaw.

They allege Banks admitted to having fathered Shaw when he was a travelling salesman for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and that he wanted to meet his illegitimate adult son.

But the documents allege he refused to undergo a DNA test on the advice of his QC lawyer, and wanted the situation kept "under wraps" due to his public profile and fears the story could be leaked to a woman's magazine or broadcaster Paul Holmes.

Even though Banks is still denying that Shaw is his son and refusing a test, you really don’t need DNA to see the truth of the matter.

What makes this all the more sickening is that John Banks was a Member of Parliament for 33 bloody years. Of course he didn’t want this damaging and shameful story to leak out because it would have ended his political career. In my opinion that’s 33 years too long in parliament where Banks received taxpayer money he wasn’t entitled to.

That’s why the immoral John Banks wins this week’s Asshole Award. As well as paying child support and being awarded against, he should be made to pay back the taxpayer for all those years he was employed under false pretences.