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2 Aug 2017

Hacked spy equipment a matter of national security

The case of the GCSB spying on Kim Dotcom is one that all New Zealanders should be concerned with, not just because of its illegality and a lack of accountability for what has cost the Internet entrepreneur dearly, but because the GCSB doesn’t seem to have control of its own bloody spying equipment.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

GCSB 'had no idea' spy gear was still targeting Kim Dotcom

THE GCSB lost control of its surveillance technology and wasn't aware its systems continued spying on Kim Dotcom, according to new documents from the spy bureau.

It claimed that it turned off all surveillance systems targeting Dotcom and others but found out more than a year later that surveillance continued without its knowledge.

I very much doubt that the GCSB could be that incompetent.

The details in the documents have led Dotcom to state that there is now evidence the United States' National Security Agency was carrying out surveillance on him.

Dotcom, who should have been protected from GCSB surveillance as a New Zealand resident, said the GCSB did not know because its equipment was being used by the NSA, which was "directly involved".

If a foreign country can use the GCSB’s equipment to spy on Kiwis whenever and wherever they choose without any proper oversight by New Zealand authorities, then we have a very serious and extensive privacy problem.

Although the United States isn’t presently in direct conflict with New Zealand, Donald Trump’s corrupt administration and vested interests combined with a complete lack of respect shown by the NSA makes it appear that our business and political interests aren’t properly secure.

There is nothing to show that the NSA’s spying on New Zealand hasn’t extended to other forms of surveillance not just restricted to the financial sabotage of Kim Dotcom. In a highly competitive world the revelation that the NSA can abuse the GCSB's equipment is truly damaging for our international reputation and democracy in general.

Indeed, the NSA having unfettered access to all our communications is a matter of national security, which is an issue the National led government will be at pains to ignore.