Bennett gets nasty | The Jackal

6 Aug 2017

Bennett gets nasty

We all know that Paula Bennett will likely take over from the wet blanket, Bill English. She’s undertaken extensive media training to prepare for her role as National’s leader, and it’s questionable whether another controversy will get in her way.

National needs a new leader because English will fail to hold up during debates with Labour’s effervescent Ardern. The PM is basically a plank of wood that lacks appeal and often fumbles for the right thing to say. There is no doubt that National will choose a female with a few street smarts to try and counter the Jacinda effect.

Finding a way to attack Labour’s positive new leader is a very difficult task for National and their propagandists. They know that going negative against Ardern simply won’t work. Despite this reality they’ve started trialling a few attack lines through the Minister of a million portfolios, Paula Bennett.

Yesterday, Scoop reported on the Nation:

Lisa Owen: So now that Bill English is up against someone who is seen as a good communicator as well as an experienced MP, is he facing a stronger threat?

Paula Bennett: I just think what they’re also looking for is substance and someone who’s got the kind of brain to pull this country together and has got a proven record and—

Lisa Owen: Doesn’t she have substance?

It’s only been five days since Labour unanimously elected a new leader, and National is already floundering. Of course Ardern has substance, which will become more apparent to the public as Labour announces more policy initiatives that will need to be promoted and defended.

Jacinda Ardern has clearly demonstrated that she has a firm understanding of multiple policy areas. She will easily convey Labour’s new direction and her capability to lead the country into the future in the 50 days prior to the next election.