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19 May 2017

Turkish President Erdogan - Asshole of the Week

What on earth was President Erdogan thinking when he ordered an attack on peaceful protestors? Didn't he realise that what his bodyguards do behind closed doors in Turkey isn't acceptable on United States' soil?

Today, The NZ Herald reported:

US officials strongly criticised the Turkish government after video appeared to show its president's security forces pushing past police and violently breaking up a protest outside their diplomatic residence in Washington.

Attacking the small group of protesters with their fists and feet, men in dark suits and others were recorded repeatedly kicking one woman as she lay curled on a sidewalk.

Another wrenches a woman's neck and throws her to the ground. A man with a bullhorn is repeatedly kicked in the face.

In total eleven people were injured including one Police officer. Get the facts right NZ Herald.

While some footage initially showed the Police trying to quell protestors, many Police then tried to intervene in the vicious assaults by Erdogan's bodyguards. However the Turkish security personnel didn’t pay any attention to American law enforcement and kept on trying to kill the protestors.

Here's a video of the violence:

Clearly there was no need for such a violent attack. The protestors were peaceful and there was no threat to the Turkish President. He was safely inside meeting with Donald Trump when the worst of the violence occurred.

Here's another video showing President Erdogan ordering the attack before walking inside:
Kicking United States citizens in the head while they lie on the ground, threatening to kill while chocking female protestors and continuing the assault when their victims were unconscious are all serious crimes that should be vigorously pursued by US law enforcement.

That's why President Erdogan wins this weeks Asshole award. What a horrible dictator!