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12 May 2017

National's policy causing suicides

I've often wondered why an employer should be able to dismiss an employee within 90-days of employment without good reason? Allowing employers carte blanche to dismiss an employee willy-nilly is just asking for the system to be abused.

Today, The NZ Herald reported on one such case of abuse:

Boy's suicide prompted run for Parliament

By Isaac Davison

A long-serving primary school principal who never intended to enter politics says she changed her mind after an ex-student committed suicide.

Labour candidate Jan Tinetti, the principal of Merivale School in Tauranga, said the 20-year-old man had just been fired from a factory job.

"He was employed under the 90-day [trial] bill and lost that job on about day 88 or 89. He thought he'd brought shame on his whanau.

"That was the point that it hit me and I thought education is massively important, but it's not the whole story. And we need to be advocating for people into better lives. That's when I decided to stand."

This is a clear indication that National policy is causing social harm. The 90-Day fire at will law is obviously being abused by a number of deadbeat employers who appear to have no moral values at all. But does the National government give a damn? Apparently not!

Finding good workers is all about helping people to develop skills and allowing them to gain confidence in the job. With a 90-Day contract hanging over new employees heads and clear-cut cases of employers abusing the law, New Zealand cannot hope to increase production or efficiency, two areas which could do with a large amount of improvement.

Unfortunately National is ensuring through their destructive policies that a large sector of the potential work force never gets the opportunity for further on the job training let alone a career that would benefit not only employees and employers personally but society in general as well.

13.6% of youth are now unemployed thanks in part to archaic laws like the 90-Day bill. The National led Government have had nine years to come up with solutions but instead have just made things worse. That's a pretty good reason to vote Bill English and his cronies out this September.

The 90-Day bill should be scrapped along with the idiots who voted for it.