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10 May 2017

The State of New Zealand Politics

It’s been a while since I last blogged and a lot has changed since then. For instance, the former Prime Minister John Key has resigned under dubious circumstances. At the time our biased mainstream media seemed more concerned with singing Key’s praises than uncovering the real reason behind the creeps exit stage right.

Perhaps his and Hekia Parata’s resignations were coincidence or perhaps the reason behind the former PM jumping overboard was much more insidious? People have speculated about Key’s not so blind trust, tax havens and New Zealand’s involvement in the killing of innocent civilians in an Afghan village that may or may not exist. The retarded right wing propagandists think that if the village was somehow incorrectly named, then the attack magically didn’t occur. What a pack of morons!

The NZSAS involved in war crimes? Surely not says the current right wing government and no independent investigation will be launched because it might upset the soldier’s families. Who cares about the families of those murdered and international law anyway?

So while Key continues to direct New Zealand’s fire sale from the shadows, Bill English hasn’t filled the void left behind in our political headlines. You’ve got to wonder if National learnt anything from their previous 2002 trouncing, which was their worst electoral defeat ever.

Unfortunately it is pretty much business as usual with the dead fish at the helm of National. The farmers party is still ensuring our waterways are being polluted, failing to address the housing crisis and building lots of jail cells while slashing funding for social services to ensure a good supply of inmates.

While we’re on the subject of incarceration…WTF was Labour thinking by proposing segregated jails and then quickly backtracking? It’s almost as if they want to preserve New Zealand's feudalism where life is cheap and even cheaper for indigenous people. I wonder which politicians have investments in Serco?

Despite the bean counter Bill English looking rather inept, I doubt it will be a cakewalk into the halls of power for Labour. Just like his predecessors it seems Andrew Little is failing to resonate with potential voters mainly because of biased or a complete lack of any proper reporting. Due to this and the fact that National are a pack of clowns, I’m predicting the lowest voter turnout ever. I really don’t see how a lighter shade of Green and a Maori/Mana party alliance is going to rally the troops.

Speaking of clowns, what about that Donald Trump eh? Is there a politician more deserving of The Jackals coveted Asshole Award? Of course much of what Trump does is simply grandstanding to get attention. Watch out for the US economy tanking while they pursue an isolationist agenda and try to sustain numerous economic and conventional wars around the world. Make the USA great again like it was in 1929.

I must say that Eminem vs. the National Party and Colon Craig suing the conceited Cameron Slater for defamation is providing some light relief. Pretty cut and dry cases if you ask me but don’t tell that to the court system, which is apparently in a bit of a shambles at the moment.