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31 May 2017

Noel Hilliam - Asshole of the Week

New Zealand is a culturally diverse country with a fantastic melting pot of different ethnicities. It would be nice then if our unique differences could be celebrated instead of routinely insulted by a bunch of intellectually challenged racists!

Yesterday, Stuff reported:

A Northland man is under investigation by Heritage New Zealand for tampering with historic burial sites

A self-proclaimed historian who has repeatedly claimed Maori were not the first inhabitants of New Zealand is being investigated for allegedly causing damage to archaeological sites.

Heritage New Zealand confirmed it will investigate Noel Hilliam for allegedly taking human remains without following correct protocols.

The Northland man recently claimed a race of White Celts pre-dated Maori and said he had found remains in what he called hangi pits as proof.

Such an obvious contradiction. The Celts boiled their food in large cauldrons or roasted meat on a spit over a central fire. They didn’t use hangi, which is something any good historian should know.

He said a visiting Scottish pathologist had confirmed his claims but also told Radio New Zealand that person had since died and wouldn't be available for interviews.

His most recent claims have been rubbished by the scientific community but were reported by his local newspaper.

A pathological liar more like. Clearly Noel Hilliam is just another racist prick! He is simply using the pretext of scientific study to promote his own bigoted views and easily disproven bullshit!

The problem really is that there are far too many morons like Noel Hilliam in New Zealand who will believe this old white guy's lies! Unfortunately they're often given way too much oxygen by the mainstream media.

So for being a blatant racist and trying to rewrite history, Noel Hilliam wins this week’s Asshole Award. Let’s hope this is the last we hear from the likes of him.