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16 Nov 2012

How low can you go?

Today, Whaleoil bleats:

Yesterday [sic] the NBR followed up on the Greg King story that TRUTH broke over a week ago. New sources have come forward confirming aspects of our story.

They have confirmed the “18 hours of legal aid” details that TRUTH was aware of. There are further specific details regarding that but I shall remain silent on those until the DomPost comes clean.

It is unacceptable for the editor to issue only a short statement saying simply that the TRUTH story was “wrong”.

The Dominion Post has to come clean about a muckraking story in the unTRUTH? Ridiculous! Clearly saying the article was wrong is adequate, considering the Dominion Post wouldn't want to get drawn into a fabricated story that's disrespectful of the late Greg King.

I've never read the unTRUTH newspaper before and after learning about this story, I never will. The editor and convicted criminal (PDF) Cameron John Slater has clearly flipped his lid and started screaming blue murder about an article the Dominion Post hasn't even published.

There are also unfounded claims that a phone call could have been the "catalyst" to causing the untimely death of the well-respected lawyer, who recently gained media attention for his defence of Ewen Macdonald against the charge of murdering Scott Guy.

If Slater is really concerned about something that may have caused somebody to take their own life, I suggest he stop publishing hateful articles that are only written to make people feel bad.

What the unTRUTH and the NBR are doing isn't journalism; it's abuse. Their witch-hunt without any proper corroborating evidence to back up their claims is also highly defamatory.

In my opinion, it's unlikely that the Dominion Post has anything to answer for, because we simply cannot know what was said to Greg King or whether this had any bearing on his untimely death. It's likely that their enquiry was conducted properly, and until there's some evidence that it wasn't, people should respect a person in death and not try to dig up an article that wasn't even published, if it exists at all.

Clearly the unTRUTH and the NBR are just trying to be controversial in order to gain readership by exploiting the death of Greg King. What a bunch of cretins!