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8 Nov 2012

Another truck accident

Today's truck accident, as reported by the NZ Herald:

Fire Service northern communications shift manager Jaron Phillips said the fully-laden B-train truck was found in the Waihohonu Stream on State Highway 1, between Waiouru and Turangi, after emergency services were notified at 4.22am.

"The concern we have is that the truck has signs on it saying 'radioactive' and the entire contents of this truck is in the river. There's a lot of debris in the river."

A spokesman later confirmed there was no radioactive material on board the truck.

Mr Phillips said the truck contained aerosol containers and was also believed to contain an environmentally hazardous insecticide called alpha-cypermethrin.

That makes no sense... Trucks are legally required to display signage about what they're carrying. If there is no radioactive material on bored, why did it have the radioactive signs displayed? And who is the trucking company involved? "A spokesman" leaves things pretty wide open.

Genesis Energy spokesman Richard Gordon said the Rangipo Power Station had been closed as a result of the crash.

The 120 megawatt power station, which generates enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes, turned its turbines off about 7.30am.

"We're not sure at this stage what material is in the river from the truck crash and we're taking a precautionary approach. We've got intake screens to take large things going through into the Rangipo turbines but we're not sure what material was on the truck."

Well at least Genesis Energy aren't taking any chances.

With so many truck accidents lately, what's the real cost to the economy from Nationals deregulation of the trucking industry that allowed heavier and longer trucks I wonder? As usual it's socialized costs in order to maximise private profits, which will just leave the tax-payer with another big mess to clean up and pay for.

Nationals ideologically driven agenda is clearly detrimental to New Zealand.