Plight of Maui's dolphin shouldn't be ignored | The Jackal

20 Nov 2012

Plight of Maui's dolphin shouldn't be ignored

Last week, Stuff reported:

Politicians were thin on the ground when Greenpeace presented MPs with 55 artworks symbolising the estimated number of surviving adult Maui's dolphins.

Although none of the 41 invited National MPs turned up yesterday, four Opposition MPs fronted to get their prints. The series, called In Your Hands and inscribed with MPs' names, was by Wellington artist Sheyne Tuffery.

It's a shame that most politicians don't care enough about the Maui's dolphin. What is good to see though is the movement to save the iconic species is starting to gain momentum.

The Government recently received over 20,000 submissions from people from all around the world wanting immediate action to save Maui's dolphin.

Let's hope that overwhelming public outcry won't be ignored for too long by the National government, and they legislate to protect the Maui's dolphin from extinction before it's too late.