Boycott The Hobbit | The Jackal

25 Nov 2012

Boycott The Hobbit

Today, the Guardian reported:

Just three days before the film premieres in New Zealand's capital, Wellington, the long-awaited Peter Jackson adaptation of JRR Tolkien's first foray into Middle-earth is under attack from several quarters. Its Hollywood producers stand variously accused of cruelty to animals, suppression of the press and exploitative merchandising.

There is that... But there's also the lead into this story, one of the National government reducing workers rights and gifting millions of taxpayer dollars to the US movie industry.

My sympathy really does go out to all the hard working creative types who’ve put huge amounts of time and effort into this production, and must be feeling disappointed at the negative press the franchise is currently receiving. But this does not atone for nor excuse the wrongdoing that has occurred in making The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The abuse of New Zealand employment laws, disregarding a signed contract with JRR Tolkien's estate to breach copyright laws, undeniable animal cruelty and trying to inhibit free press with vindictive decisions is a sign that the Hobbit is a production that is rotten to the core.

Therefore people shouldn't be promoting such abuse by providing further money to the environmentally destructive and socially detrimental practices of "Sir" Peter Jackson. He's assuredly a vile money grubbing scumbag that only deserves people's contempt, nothing more.

Instead, we should listen to the actors guild and animal rights group PETA in boycotting The Hobbit movies… After all, the book is bound to be better.