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2 Feb 2012

Ken Grenda - Hero of the Week

Yesterday, the Telegraph reported:

A MELBOURNE boss has stunned his staff by giving them a staggering $15 million gift -- the ultimate pay-off for their hard work and loyalty.

Workers at bus company Grenda couldn't believe their good fortune when surprise bonuses averaging $8500 were paid into their accounts - with some staff receiving as much as $30,000.

Family-owned Grenda Corporation recently sold off its transit operations after 66 years and decided to pour a chunk of the profits into the remarkable thank-you gesture.

That's NZ$19 million. A non-greedy boss is a very rare thing these days, with most large companies being run by unscrupulous and uncaring cretins who have no concern for their workers. That's why Ken Grenda wins a Hero award, because he's such a breath of fresh air. Here's what the philanthropist said:

"Bus drivers, as these guys will testify, aren't the highest paid people in town but they're totally dedicated, they've worked very hard, we've had people here for 40 and even 50 years working for us, that's all of their working life. We just felt that they deserved a decent reward at the end of it."

What a dude.