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2 Feb 2012

How many people attended?

There was a protest in Christchurch yesterday, with people voicing their concerns about the pay rise of council CEO Tony Marryatt.

On the day, TV3 reported:

Around 1000 protesters are gathering outside the Christchurch City Council building, angry over council chief executive Tony Marryatt's $68,000 pay rise and calling for him to be sacked.

Today, The Otago Daily Times reported:

Thousands of people gathered in Christchurch yesterday to demand "urgent change to restore democracy" over continued concerns about the Christchurch City Council and its controversial chief executive Tony Marryatt.


About 3000 people showed up to protest and the Rev Mike Coleman said the large turnout was due to ordinary citizens who knew something was wrong with their city.

Using Jacob’s method shows 750 people attended the protest. Clearly the mainstream media plucked their estimate out of thin air... over-exaggerating by a whopping 300%. I wonder why?

The problem is that the media also underestimates the numbers attending protests their masters don’t like… so much so you’d think they couldn’t count at all.

These days there are lasers, satellites, aerial photography, 3-D grid systems and recorded video footage to assist with an estimated crowd count… yet the mainstream media still don't get it right.

In this case it's looking like CERA and the government will be trying to use the Christchurch City Council as a scapegoat for their own failings... helped along with a complacent media all to ready to promote National's propaganda.