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23 Feb 2012

Dismantling the reason for war

As you can see, there is an imminent threat of war between the United States, Israel and Iran. Please keep in mind that it's Fox news, and completely biased, but the message is pretty clear: Iran joining the nuclear weapons club will not be tolerated.

The theological reasons behind Israel's stance are well known, however the excuses for war have focused mainly on a threat of terrorism from Iran and nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands.

This is where Gordon Campbell has excelled himself with this article that cleverly dismantles the reasons given by those promoting war with the Islamic Republic of Iran:

In one package, Hague has included every half-baked rationale for conflict. Take the terrorist angle that Hague mentions… why would Iran be any more likely to hand over nuclear weapons to terrorists than Pakistan, the West’s own unstable ally and supporter of terrorist groups? And if we are so very concerned about nuclear proliferation in the Middle East as Hague purports to be, why has Britain – and New Zealand – voted against UN resolutions in the past aimed at making the Middle East into a nuclear free zone?

The propaganda for war is as usual, highly flawed. It is based on a falsehood that the United States and Israel are somehow operating their nuclear weapons industries properly, and can therefore judge a hypothetical threat from Iran.

Here is why their argument is defunct: In July 2007, an Energy Department audit found that the United States had misplaced numerous nuclear weapons parts, and there was widespread confusion of who was responsible. In fact since the fifties, the United States has lost at least eight fully operational nuclear bombs.

But what is even worse is that President Bill Clinton lost the biscuit sometime between 1993 and 2001. The biscuit is a nickname given to the plastic card the president carries with him at all times with the codes necessary to launch a nuclear strike. The list goes on.

In February 2011, the IAEA released a report that was widely referenced:

Pursuing “some activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device” is significantly different from pursuing a completed, deliverable nuclear bomb. Numerous obstacles stand in the way of Iranian development of the latter capability – obstacles that suggest that a nuclear-armed Iran capable of threatening Israel is a good deal further off than recent reporting would indicate.

Nothing has really changed since then. The propaganda however has gained momentum while the real reasons behind the imminent war go largely unreported on. The west looks set to support yet another ideologically fuelled and fear based invasion that could result in mutually assured destruction... have they/we learnt nothing?