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27 Feb 2012

Lucy Lawless - Hero of the Week

Today, the Taranaki Daily News reported:

Actress Lucy Lawless and five other Greenpeace protesters have been arrested after spending four days on board the Noble Explorer, which was due to travel to the Arctic in exploration of oil.

Lawless and a group of Greenpeace activists scaled the Noble Explorer's 53-metre drilling derrick and unfurled banners in Port Taranaki at 7am on Friday.

The ship was scheduled to leave the port yesterday to drill three exploratory oil wells in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska, but the journey was delayed due to the protesters' actions.

Lawless' involvement drew international attention to their cause.

There is no question that the risks involved in drilling for oil in such an inhospitable place outweigh any potential benefit. However with very little financial punishment when (not if) things go wrong, the oil companies see things differently.

It's the wild west out there with a lack of any proper safety mechanisms, old equipment and the same procedures that have proven disastrous on numerous occasions being used.

That's why the international attention Lucy Lawless brings to the cause is so fantastic. People power can change the world. In fact this award is for everybody involved in trying to save the Arctic. Keep up the good work.