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2 Oct 2020

Cannabis should be legalised

The cannabis referendum, where Kiwis will get to vote on whether they want to legalise what is essentially a medicinal herb, has been well contested with both sides of the debate having pretty equal time in the media spotlight to express their various opinions.

However there has unfortunately been some comment from the vote no campaigners that could mislead voters into making an ill-informed decision.

So just to clear a few things up:

Legalising cannabis will not cause more work place impairment.

There will also be no significant, if any, increase in consumption rates.

In some countries where cannabis has been legalised, youth consumption has declined.

Of course cannabis already causes less harm than alcohol, which is legal.

Legalisation means people will be more likely to seek help for any drug dependence.

It would mean less young Maori being disproportionately targeted by Police.

Legalising cannabis will also mean there’s quality controls in place to reduce harm.

It would mean less people being put into danger when trying to purchase cannabis.

A regulated cannabis market could also generate $490 million in tax revenue per year.

Given these facts, there are no prizes for guessing how I will be voting in the Cannabis referendum. But for even more factual information, please visit:

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