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6 Oct 2020

Crusher loses control

Judith Collins - National Party leader
Over the past year or so, it's been somewhat surprising to see the numerous leaks that plagued Simon Bridges and Todd Muller while they were leaders of the National Party, leaks that immediately stopped after Judith Collins assumed command. It was almost as if there was a concerted effort to undermine the National Party from within so that Crusher could take control.

However, the disunity of the blue “team” hasn’t entirely ended with another change in leader. For instance, when Paul Goldsmith admitted last week that he’d got their alternative budget horribly wrong, Crusher was still trying to say that the mistakes were inconsequential, clearly showing that National MPs are failing to communicate properly with each other about how they should spin things.

But just in case you needed anymore convincing that the National Party isn’t fit to govern, they’re once again leaking to undermine their own faltering leader right before the election.

Yesterday, Newshub reported:

Leaked email: National MP criticises Judith Collins' 'highly problematic idea' of reviewing Auckland Council

Newshub has been leaked an email showing National MP Denise Lee criticising leader Judith Collins' plan to review Auckland Council as a "highly problematic idea".

Collins announced on Monday a review of Auckland Council to the surprise of her Auckland Council spokesperson Lee.


Actually, Collins initially announced an inquiry, not a review, into the Auckland Council.

Lee described it as a "highly problematic idea" in an email to her caucus colleagues. She also panned it as "another working group" and said it would be "a nightmare".

In the email, Lee says bypassing her altogether was "incredibly poor form and displays a shockingly bad example of poor culture".

Collins sighed when asked if the policy had been made on the hoof, and said it had been planned for weeks, despite Lee knowing nothing about it.

Lee is a former Auckland Councillor and the National Party spokesperson for Local Government, so really should have been informed.

Lee is not the only MP upset by it - another National MP contacted Newshub saying it is consistent behaviour from Collins that she is "making up policy on the hoof" and "creating division".


Collins’ silly idea to have an inquiry into the Auckland Council was obviously made up on the spur of the moment. In fact that’s Crusher’s game plan, to make as many controversial statements as she can in order to stay in the media spotlight.

Unfortunately for the blue “team” the execution of their lacklustre campaign with Crusher in charge isn’t going very well. She is coming across as arrogant and a bit neurotic, which are both traits that will turn many voters away from her shambles of a political party during this election.