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29 Sept 2020

Crusher threatens Nicky Hager

Crusher Collins - National Party Leader
Everybody should know by now that Judith (Crusher) Collins is a very malicious person. She is perhaps the most vindictive MP ever to disgrace our halls of power.

Some of her unprecedented nastiness over the decades has been well documented in the book Dirty Politics: How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand's political environment, which is a great expose on how the National Party generally operates to undermine its opponents. It's worth getting yourself a copy if you haven’t already.

But just in case you needed anymore evidence that Crusher is a terribly spiteful person, today she openly threatened the author of that entirely accurate book, Nicky Hager, saying he needs “to meet his maker” because of the truthful things he's written about her.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Collins crushes any idea of her going soft

"Disgraceful." "Stupid behaviour." Nicky Hager has to "meet his maker".

Judith Collins quashed any notion of a softer image on the campaign trail in Nelson yesterday following a poll that showed National with a steep hill to climb.


This article is really the once over lightly. A more complete picture evolves of the threat against Nicky Hager when you see Crusher’s quote in context:

If not to endanger his life, why else would Crusher come out and openly say Nicky Hager needs to die? Because that’s essentially what the current National Party leader has done by saying Hager has to meet his maker. She has indirectly threatened him and by doing so endangered his life.

Of course the Police won’t do anything about Collins' death threat, because they’re obviously biased against the investigative journalist as well. The way Police mistreated Hager and his family after Dirty Politics was published is testament to that.