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26 Sept 2020

National behind the times

When Todd Muller resigned as leader of the National Party and allowed for Judith Collins to assume command, you could tell the blue “team” was desperate and in search of past glories. After all, Crusher is towards the end of her political career and from a bygone era where dirty politics once reigned supreme.

Judith (Crusher) Collins - National Party leader

In the new age of the Internet however, where the sharing of information is instantaneous and fact checking widespread, Crusher’s outdated brand of campaigning on disinformation is failing to gain traction. In fact National is showing that they’re entirely out of step with the vast majority of Kiwis, including organisations that would normally align with National's questionable set of values.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Election 2020: Group letter calls on National to back Healthy Homes standards

Auckland's largest real estate company has called on National to halt plans to scrap new Healthy Homes standards if elected.

Barfoot & Thompson said cold and damp rental homes had been linked to the gruelling battle with respiratory disease that affected 700,000 New Zealanders and cost billions of dollars each year.

It has co-signed a letter with the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation, doctors and other non-profit groups urging National leader Judith Collins to change course and back the new standards.

Crusher won’t do this of course. She believes that appealing to landlords who continue to profit from other people’s misery with cold and damp rentals is a vote winner. It’s another sign that National, who've stagnated in the polls, is desperate to retain their core supporters at any cost.

Instead of doing the right thing, Crusher is trying to appeal to a few voters who’re also wilfully ignorant of the benefits Healthy Homes Standards will provide. 

It’s now patently obvious that National’s decision to repeal the policy in the unlikely event that they’re the elected Government is going to back fire. Labour has made a good fist of why the standards should be implemented and many from within the real estate industry also agree that they’re a good idea.

Combine this with the fact that most Kiwis have to rent and will therefore also support the improvements, and it’s crystal clear that National under Crusher Collins has made another misstep while limping along their beleaguered and shambolic campaign trail.