What's in John Key's closet? | The Jackal

20 Sept 2012

What's in John Key's closet?

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Later outside Parliament, Mr Dotcom said Mr Key had a "fragile majority" and had to make a choice between upholding high ethical standards or staying in power.

"In my personal opinion I think if my leadership would not uphold high ethical standards, I would worry what else is lingering in the dark that I don't know about. As a voter, I would certainly consider who to give my vote to at the next election."

Lingering in the dark eh! I wouldn't be surprised if Dotcom has something on the ungracious John Key as well, but hasn't as yet made it public because of implications to the criminal proceedings he's currently embroiled in.

Perhaps after they've been concluded Dotcom will feel more inclined to shine a light on some of those things that are still "lingering in the dark". I'm pretty sure Key's closet is jam packed with skeletons that are just rattling to burst out.