Key kisses a crayfish | The Jackal

22 Sept 2012

Key kisses a crayfish

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

After planting a tree to mark a government investment in new affordable housing, Mr Key asked the child what he thought. "It sucks" was the reply.

LOL! With the amount of available state houses declining dramatically since National gained power and their reluctance to do anything about the shortfall in affordable rental accommodation (10,000 in Auckland alone) the boy couldn't be more correct.

Key then kissed a crayfish... Now that was some mighty fine propaganda.

Winston Peter's was right when he said:

New Zealanders are being fed a diet of heavily orchestrated media events, with plenty of smiles but little substance.

In fact photo opportunities are about the only thing the Nats have going for them at the moment... How pathetic is that?