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11 Sept 2012

Chris de Freitas whinging about losing

Today, climate change denier Chris de Freitas had a big bleat in the Herald:

Argument from authority has no place in science. This was the basis of NZCSET's case. Argument on the scientific facts and methods used in analyses must now take place. The question is: will it?

Why the NZ Herald has allowed CSET to publish more denier rubbish I will never know?

But the real question is; if the courts had no authority to decide, then why did CSET take the case to court in the first place? Their fictitious claim has wasted hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Rightfully CSET lost, here's the judgement (PDF):

The plaintiff does not succeed on any of its challenges to the three decisions of NIWA in issue. The application for judicial review is dismissed and judgment entered for the defendant. [and] The defendant is entitled to costs.

In my opinion, Chris de Freitas and the rest of the denier crackpots should be made to pay NIWA's administration costs as well, which will be extensive. Hopefully that will deter any further stupid claims being made by climate change deniers, but I doubt it.