Nationals lame excuses | The Jackal

11 Aug 2012

Nationals lame excuses

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Contrary to economists' expectations, the unemployment rate rose by 0.1 per cent to 6.8 per cent in the three months to June, according to official data yesterday. It had been expected to fall to 6.5 per cent.

"It's a very small, technical rise," Mr Key said. "I'm not overly concerned, but we were hoping that number would fall slightly. From what we can see, employment is rising in all parts of the country [except] Christchurch. So the Christchurch numbers are dragging it down a little bit."

Mr Key said the Government was comfortable with the data.

The government should not be comfortable with such a high level of unemployment. It's interesting that National is making the same old excuses for its failure to create jobs. This week they again blamed the floundering economy on the global recession, while most other countries that were worse hit are outperforming New Zealand, which was in a good position to weather the storm prior to National gaining power.

In my opinion, New Zealand should achieve in line with its own capability. It is our internal economy that is failing because of Nationals policies that have sucked money out of communities and the public purse... Passing the buck after nearly four years in power is simply unacceptable.

The fact that there were earthquakes in Christchurch way back in February last year is also no excuse. National had previously stated that the rebuild of Christchurch would be exactly what the economy needed; they also said the tax cuts for the wealthy would create jobs. Unfortunately their mismanagement and indifference to peoples need has ensured that there's been no proper start to the rebuild and therefore no kick start to the economy... Giving the wealthy even more money has not created jobs.

In light of the continued excuses by National, who have absolutely failed to provide the vast majority of Kiwis with a brighter future, shouldn't we look towards a political party that might ensure all New Zealanders have a chance to find proper employment? A political party that has a plan to create jobs would have my full support. Unless there are jobs, no brighter future is available... It's as simple as that.