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10 Aug 2012

Another Key PR disaster

Last Sunday, One News reported:

Prime Minister John Key expressed sadness over the deaths, saying the soldiers had paid the "highest price".

"My thoughts are with the family and friends of the two brave soldiers killed and also with the families and friends of those injured."

Then on Monday, the Dominion Post reported:

"They don't have a lot of family. Neither of them are married. One has a partner, but the partner's also part of the New Zealand Defence Force and actually is overseas.

"The other guy doesn't have a lot of family at all in New Zealand,’’ he told Radio Live.

Yesterday, 3 News reported:

Prime Minister John Key won't be attending Saturday's military service for the two soldiers killed in Afghanistan because he will be in the United States watching his son play baseball.

Max Key is a member of the under-17 team representing New Zealand at the Senior Little League World Series in Maine and Mr Key is leaving on Thursday night.

Today, the NZ Herald reports:

"As far as I'm aware, the Hungarians don't go out at night. Not in Afghanistan anyway - they might in Budapest," he said.

On Tuesday, the Hungarian Defence Ministry first expressed its condolences for the loss of Lance Corporals Pralli Durrer and Rory Malone.

But in a strongly worded statement, it said accusations Mr Key had made about Hungary's PRT were not "appropriate". His comments "lack the spirit of comradeship and union that we would like to preserve", the ministry said in a translation supplied to the Herald by Hungarian news media.

John Key has shown that he doesn't regard the deaths of Lance corporals Pralli Durrer and Rory Malone as being important, he has insulted their loved ones by commenting that the deaths were less significant because the men don't have large families, and he has insulted another country and unfairly placed responsibility for the soldiers deaths on their shoulders.

This is not the sign of a competent leader; it's a sign of an uncaring and ignorant buffoon!

Key has rubbed salt into the open wound of the family's loss... Could this be because some family members diplomatically expressed an anti war sentiment, which was quickly brushed under the carpet by our mainstream media? Surely the Prime minister irrespective of their political opinions should respect their loss and conduct himself accordingly.

But what reason other than Keys stupidity is there for insulting Hungary? Without his scriptwriters giving him the right things to say, Key is an ill-informed and therefore somewhat dangerous leader. His lack of international diplomacy has been a complete PR disaster, and putting a boys baseball game in America ahead of respecting our fallen soldiers is entirely unacceptable and a huge insult to an already demoralized defense force.

When will New Zealand wake up to the incompetence of Nationals leadership?