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16 Sept 2011

Murray McCully - Asshole of the Week Award

Well this one should come as no surprise... Murray McCully has once again shown what a complete A hole he really is. After failing to ensure Aucklands infrastructure could cope with a huge influx of people, McCully declares himself emperor of the waterfront, in some sort of delusional Machiavellian take over bid.

The Minister for the Rugby World Cup didn't even have the courtesy to inform Len Brown, effectively giving the two-fingered salute to the Mayor of Auckland.

Despite National's underhanded politicking over the opening night failure, Len Brown has remained stoically civilized... even when McCully implemented the Rugby World Cup Empowerment Act to wrestle control off the Auckland City Council, Len shows what a great diplomat he really is by putting the good of the country before politics.

The Natz hate that Len Brown beat old John Banks in the super-city mayoral race, as they'd spent a considerable amount of time setting Auckland up to be a dictatorship entirely run from Wellington. With Len Brown in charge, Nationals plans of totalitarianism are somewhat thwarted.

What all of this has shown though, is that there's no better time for a light rail loop in Auckland city, which Len has been arguing for. While National have been pouring over $19 billion into uneconomic and unnecessary motorways, just so motorists can get stung by peak oil, the Green's announced their transport policy would fund $1.4 billion of the major missing piece to Auckland infrastructure, a CBD Rail Link.

If that initial funding failure of National's wasn't bad enough, they now propose to use buses... FFS! Have you ever tried to stay on time using Auckland's bus system? It's a diabolical nightmare that will only be exacerbated because lots of people will not trust the trains and drive instead, clogging up the inner city with their cars, which buses cannot easily navigate.

Who needs a protest, National is fucking things up quite well all by themselves.

Murray McCully has behaved appallingly over the last few days, while Len Brown has handled himself with restraint, dignity and grace. - Brian Edwards

What is problematic is that given the fact these problems seem to have arisen through interference from central government and a lack of control from the Council, the Rugby World Cup is being used to further diminish the democratic structure of Council for Aucklanders. - Phoebe Fletcher

It’s not just the fault of the hopeless Council. Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully must share the blame. Party Central was his Government’s idea. His Government and the Council invited the world to join the party at the Waterfront last Friday. - Duncan Garner

Last Friday was a debacle ... What we are seeing now can fairly be described as damage control and the covering of some relatively exposed butts... In the end, if you don't care about what actually happens, it comes back to bite you in the backside. - Trevor Mallard

It's not just the recent mess McCully has caused that nominated him for this weeks Asshole Award, he's been a veritable juggernaut of cronyism, conflicts of interest and back room deals... and they're just the ones we know about. But what really clinched it was McCully's cuts to foreign aid expenditure, which happened just when those funds were most needed...
Mismanagement and meddling by Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully has disrupted the humanitarian work of dozens of New Zealand NGOs. - Phil Twyford
...not to mention his sheer idiocy surrounding the Paul Henry affair:
And there’s no freedom of speech issue here either. Hate speech and blatant racism are not protected by any reasonable notion of free speech. That’s why these comments from Murray McCully are totally fatuous (I think that means ‘fart-like’) - Ethical Martini
So without further ado, Murry McCully is this weeks Asshole Award recipient. Huzzah!