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1 Sept 2011

David Farrar's Birthday Bash

Now you might think that David Farrar has plucked the 11-09-2032 (for when people are no longer banned from Kiwibog) out of his rather large posterior. Not so... it happens to be his 65 birthday.

Being that Farrar said the ban from Kiwibog was forever, the compromise of 11th September 2032 seems rather strange. I can’t imagine Kiwibog will even exist by then, as the derelict administrator's blogging is already becoming rather crusty.

I usually respect my elders, but in this case I'm prepared to make an exception. Mainly because Farrar hasn't grown wise or enlightened in his old age and there's simply nothing to respect. In fact he's lost whatever small semblance of logic and reasoning he used to have.

Farrar's writing has become a bore of inaccurate rhetoric, fabricated opinion and cut and pasted plagiarism targeted at Nact lemmings who wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them in the face. It's no wonder Farrar has had to ban a large number of commentators from Kiwibog.

Here's the "banned forever" people Farrar's bothered to list:

    Greenfly/Village Idiot - Trolling/Impersonating DPF
    Roger Rabbit/Jock/Harry - 10 abusive e-mails to DPF
    Racer - Vandalism/Wikipedia smears
    Robert Owen - Gross abuse to owner, multiple ids
    Robinson/Robinsod - slander and lies
    Rocket Boy - Sheer nastiness
    Roger Nome - His visceral loathing of me
    Sam Dixon/Daedulus/Steve Pierson - Wikipedia smears
    Swiftman/Scum Sucker - anti-semite
    Todd - non stop trolling plus threatening to sue me
    Tom Gould - Offfensive Troll

I particularly like Roger Nome’s one: “His visceral loathing of me."

Poor Farrar... it must be hard being a National party propagandist that gets picked on all the time. At least he has an ever-dutiful ventriloquist dummy to echo his every word and re-shovel the Kiwibogs bullshit! Their inane muckraking is akin to dactylorrhea.

Ironically I attribute Farrar's arrogance to being my motivation for starting the Jackal blogsite.  My blog’s been a thorn in the RWNJ’s side since February, and I’m just getting started. However unlike other right wing blogger's, and despite repeatedly showing Farrar up to be a fool, he has remained quieter than a church mouse.

Even when I highlighted Kiwibog's LSO cookie that illegally infects people’s computers, Farrar fails to engage. I presume he's previously triggered the NO DUMB FUCKS policy on other websites, and learned his lesson.

Farrar's sheepishness is not only due to an even playing field... he doesn’t defend his honour because he simply has none. The capitalist cretin is just another vacuous hollow-man, and evidentially a coward as well.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll mark the date on your Calender, and count down the 7,681 days in anticipation to a royal rumble at Kiwibog in 2032. I can’t wait.