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24 May 2011

Edward S. Lancaster - Asshole of the Week Award

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Not many people would have heard of Edward S. Lancaster. He's a forgettable kind of guy. Mr Lancaster is the head honcho of an Aussie mining exploration company called Grey Wolf Resources NL, which has recently been sniffing around New Zealand.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, there's one thing you need to know about Mr Lancaster, he's a complete conman and has a long history of fraudulence and deceit.

No wonder Mr Lancaster has come out in support of Nationals plundering policies... It appears that birds of a feather really do flock together. But don't take my word for it, according to a distant relation:

"Mr Edward Lancaster's real name is Ted Lancaster (with no ‘S’) in the middle. Ted is from a poor part of England and is an expert at defrauding people. He spent many years in NZ defrauding many people, including a lot of old age people who lost their life savings, building companies, real estate owners. He has stolen millions of dollars off unsuspecting people. He has had many companies and used them to launder money earned from selling drugs. He is the biggest crook that I have ever known.

When his options ran out in NZ, he escaped off to Australia. He has very recently set up his new business, Greywolf Goldmining and has lured some Chinese businessmen to expand his business. I have no doubt at all that he would rape and pillage the environment, take as much as he could from it, and trick everyone about how much he was going to pay them.

He has simultaneously applied to open mines all over NZ and is pushing to get the permission through by the end of the year. The Iwi near Golden Bay are worried because much damage would be done to the seashore. I know he also has his eyes on Pike River. It all comes down to dollars and greed. I am surprised that the Australian and NZ Governments are snatching at the opportunity, when this is such a new company. There are other more experienced mining companies in Australia. He is boasting, to the delight of the National government, that he will come up with a trillion dollars of resources.

Grey Wolf have already been exploring around Fiji. I notice that Ted’s family are involved. His daughter, Deborah runs the part in Fiji. His son and wife (equally large con) are helping with the management in Australia. I am wondering if our government already recognise Ted’s past, but are hoping no-one will notice.

I think that there needs to be publicity and I would like the Iwi to be protected from accepting the money Ted has offered them to shut up about it. I would also like to see our beautiful land protected."

But it's not just people who know Mr Lancasters dubious history who have been raising the red flags. Golden Bay iwi are calling on the wider community to help them stop Grey Wolf Resources from prospecting in their region. Greywolf Goldmining aka Grey Wolf Resources NL has been looking for oil and coal around Abel Tasman and Kahurangi National Parks, the Farewell Spit Nature Reserve and the Westhaven and Tonga Island marine reserves.

The mining and drilling company also wants to know how much oil is off the coast of Westport and how much coal is in Collingwood and Puponga.

Now you would expect that somebody employed in this sector should have a high regard for the environment and New Zealands 100% Pure clean and green image. Especially in light of the Te Aroha’s Tui Mine cleanup proposal, which will cost the taxpayer around 9.9 million dollars if not more. But no! In a 3 News interview, Mr Lancaster openly states that his priority is the all mighty dollar:

Let's just recap... Mr Lancaster stated that "while there is an environmental concern the company is ultimately driven by the potential commercial profit," a sentiment I'm sure he shares with Acting Minister of Energy and Resources Hekia Parata, who seems rather absent in the matter. Being that Parata must have known about the consent process to explore these areas, she should have also been aware of the credibility of the people National is utilizing to further their mining agenda.

Another thing I would like to know is why these operations are always given Maori names? Seems rather disrespectful to me.

Mr Ted Lancaster... for your questionable morals, a history of deceit, drug dealing, placing money above the environment, destroying peoples businesses and lives; you are hereby awarded the prestigious Asshole of the Week Award. Hurray!