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2 May 2011

Duncan Garner - Asshole of the Week Award

There is no question that The Nation on TV3 is a right wing propaganda machine that regularly undertakes unsubstantiated attacks on the left and supports right wing ideologies that are more suited to Nazi Germany than Gods own. Generally, The Nation ignores anything to do with what Labour or the left actually stands for. Their interview with Phil Goff last Sunday focused entirely on his political rise to Labour leader, which has little relevance with today’s issues.

The programs panel and presenters then gushed platitudes about decrepit old Don Brash and generally put the boot into Phil in yet another attempt to discredit the Labour Party. The biased opinions and lack of firing neurons have ensured their ratings have fallen to an all time low of only 53,000 viewers. Clearly not enough to justify the continued funding of such a shit program.

Could the pro National wank fest have anything to do with TV3 being owned by Mediaworks, who just received a loan of $43 million of our tax dollars in a contentious bailout thanks to the corrupt Steven Joyce? All the while the National Government was planning on cutting funding to the public broadcaster TVNZ7 in a disgusting display of hypocrisy and corporate welfare at its worst. Nothing like a big fat loan at below market interest rates to really get the right wing propaganda machine cranking.

The advice from officials to the Government at the time was that Mediaworks didn't require the bribe... But hey! What price is too high for political kickbacks, especially when you’re using an extensive slush fund like the public's purse. In what has to be considered another lie in a long list of deception, Shonkey said he had not met with Mediaworks representatives, then later changed his story when it became apparent that he had.
John Key meets with head of Mediaworks Brent Impey.
Just in case you missed it... Duncan Garner displayed his moronic tendencies again on The Nation when he said;

“I wont loose any sleep over the US Tornadoes, if you know what I mean?” 

Apparently Don Brash escaping from the crypt and sucking the life force from Rodney Hide is more important than the most tornadoes and deaths ever recorded in America's recent extreme weather. It's bad taste to even try to compare these things and Duncan clearly has a strange set of priorities, to put it politely. His reporting has been described as "simpering narcissistic posturing" and I have to agree. The alcoholic haze and pro National bias that is Duncan's reporting is about as astute as Michael Jackson’s Doctor… on crack!

The term investigative journalism can only be applied jokingly to Duncan Garner. His patsy questions to anybody who remotely supports the right wing, while any Labour or left interviews are undertaken with all guns blazing, really pisses me off. TV3's corporate masters ensure that any debate is skewed in favour of right wing elitists, an ideology leveraged with your tax dollars by people like Duncan Garner and his parliamentarian drinking buddies.

This is not the first time Duncan has shown his true colours. The MP expenses scandal discredited many politicians and there's no question that Duncan Garner undertook a personal vendetta against Labour politician Chris Carter, which played out like a mafia gangsta movie. On one occasion the vindictive Duncan Garner let his indignation get the better of him saying;

"I am going to fucking well get you,” to Chris Carter.

The verbal altercation started in the Auckland Koru Club and followed the release of a report detailing travel expenses of Labour Ministers. Garner had run a TV3 story alleging that Carter was a big-spending Minister. The story also referred to Carter’s long-time partner and traveling companion, Peter Kaiser and included the name of the primary school of which Kaiser is principal.

‘Traveling on the fucking taxpayer again, Chris?” Asked Duncan Garner.

Carter had then taken his seat on the plane when Garner, who had boarded later, stopped next to him, apparently jabbed his finger into Carter’s chest and said loudly;

“I am going to fucking get you, Carter… If it takes me to Christmas, I am going to fucking destroy you.” Duncan said in a display more suited to a jumped up little fascist in Hitlers gestapo squad.

Sitting directly behind Carter was Dame Margaret Bazley. Appalled by what she had heard, she commented loudly;

“What a disgraceful man. You don’t have to put up with rubbish like that on a plane, Mr Carter.”

What a disgraceful man indeed. Duncan Garner then moved on down the plane, I wonder if he was drunk? Being that many Act and National politicians have abused their perks to a far greater degree, you have to wonder if by singling out Chris Carter, Duncan’s motivation was fueled by homophobia.
Speaking of perks of the job, after going for a joy ride in Michael Cullen's ministerial car, Duncan then commandeered the vehicle to ferry him and his mates around Wellington bars for an impromptu pub cruel. Nothing like commandeering ministerial vehicles at the tax payers expense or being hand picked to travel with Shonkey to Afghanistan to really get that biased reporting flowing.

Apparently TV3 thinks such conduct by their reporters is wonderful and gave Duncan the 2007 Qantas Television journalist of the year Award. In my opinion, such a lack of journalistic integrity as that exhibited by Duncan Garner should receive the contempt it deserves. Nothing good will come from a corporate driven mainstream media that receives bribes from a corrupt Government. Perhaps we should just close the door on democracy without further ado.

So for consistently crap reporting, a lack of professional credibility, personal vendettas, bias and hypocrisy; I hereby award Duncan Garner with this Weeks Asshole Award. The only award that really matters. Yipee!