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12 May 2011

Kyle Chapman - Asshole of the Week Award

Well this week’s award recipient was pretty easy to choose. Kyle Chapman jumped up and yelled; “I’m an asshole, look at me.” So naturally he was our top candidate. Kyle’s latest ridiculous crusade after taking a break from his National Front duties (to become a Mormon and rut his new wife Claire Clifford), was to start the Neo-Nazi group Right Wing Resistance (RWRNZ). Incidentally, Claire left the fascist in 2009 when he again became involved in hate campaigns. Wise move.

As you will notice, the cloned members of these groups often shave their heads and dress the same in support of Aryan duplication. Now it's important to not get these people confused with some of my friends, even though they look similar... The RWRNZ and National Front are not Skinheads, they are Boneheads, there’s a distinct difference.

Kyle the Bonehead was convicted of fire-bombing a Marae and is also the leader of the Survive Club, which is a group of survivalists who like to play with guns. Coupled with his fervent racism, association with known terrorist organisations and anti social behaviour; why aren't the Police raiding this mother fucker before the sun rises? What is the difference between the RWRNZ from those persecuted after the Operation 8 raids? The contradiction is telling. 

Unfortunately New Zealand has a serious problem with racism, even though we're a multicultural country with a diverse range of people with many differing cultures. As a country we need to embrace and celebrate our differences, because they give New Zealand strength through multiculturalism and diversity.

What we don’t need are white pride groups inciting racism with anti Asian leaflet drops. What we don’t need are racially divisive marches, which the RWRNZ plan to stage before the next general election. What we don’t need are vigilante squads patrolling our streets looking for trouble. As an aside, Kyle Chapman was schooled by a 14 year old Tongan boy he described as a “tagger” when he was out patrolling Christchurch one night. Good job.
Now the Christchurch based group of white supremacists clearly aren’t the brightest bunch of grapes on the vine. The sour grape known as Kyle Chapman being their leader is testament to that. This guy supports the KKK, a group well known to be the original terrorists. By association the RWRNZ supports lynching niggers, bombings and general nastiness that such groups are known for. Surely we have moved on from such a stupid mentality as that espoused by Kyle Chapman? The Americans have with the KKK, their membership falling from a purported 4 million in the 1920's to around 5'000 today. Kyle wont give figures of how many members the RWRNZ has though, for obvious reasons.

Clearly the RWRNZ is intertwined with similar anti-Semitic ideas as those supported by the KKK. These organisations base their divisive mentality on Nazi inspired policy such as the eugenics program, anti-miscegenation legislation, compulsory sterilization, euthanasia program and the belief that they are somehow related to a master race.

These fascists really need a good dose of Malcolm X:

Even DPF thinks Kyle's an idiot. So for inciting racism, giving white people a bad name and generally being a dick head... Kyle Chapman is our asshole of the week award recipient. Surprise surprise.