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21 Sep 2011

The RWNJ's Freakout!

The Greens launched their fantastic Green Jobs policy today. It's a well thought out and progressive plan to move New Zealand forward into a clean and productive future.

Greens co-leader Russel Normal did a great job at highlighting the guts of the policy in an online broadcast today, also answering the medias questions and showing that the plan is robust!

Some of the highlights:
Greens will ramp up the Heat Smart home insulation program ensuring it is rolled out to a further 200,000 homes over the next 3 years.

Greens plan to create 100,000 new green jobs that will strengthen the economy and protect the environment. There will be no additional borrowing to achieve this.

Greens won't sell state energy companies, they'll use them to lead export potential. Clean energy is a huge export opportunity for NZ.

The Greens plan to uphold the Kyoto protocol.
Some additional information that was particularly interesting:
UK supermarkets boycotting our fish because of destructive fishing practices serves as warning we can't take our clean, green brand for granted.

If we had 1% of global clean energy market we could develop 40 to 60 thousand new jobs!
Despite the Greens plan being beneficial for New Zealand in both reducing unemployment, increasing productivity and protecting the environment, they've been rubbished by many right wingers...

Even the Prime Minister is saying that the "Greens are dreamers" and the plan is "silly economics." Steven Joyce also chimed in with his ugly little self. Here's the pick of the bunch of nuttiest reaction from the RWNJ's so far:

TrueblueNZ - Watermelon Russell Norman- Still Trying the “Green Jobs” Con
Russell Norman’s drooling idiot propaganda flies in the face of reality and should be confronted for the witch doctor talk it really is. But who is going to confront him on this nonsense?