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6 Sep 2011

Right Wing Can’t Count

A few days ago I wrote an article entitled New Zealand's Oil Bonanza... Yeah Right! concerning National’s over inflation of potential income from oil and gas extraction in New Zealand.

The sheer level of misreporting going on to promote a destructive process that contributes to climate change, (that threatens human existence on earth) was astounding and completely unacceptable.

So in light of the serious nature of the issue, I wrote a formal complaint to the National Business Review (NBR) about their article that reported incorrect figures and misrepresented the facts.

The same unchecked or ignored details were then widely broadcast by the Mainstream media (MSM) as fact. Despite me highlighting the correct amounts to report, the article to date has remained uncorrected.
1. The article is inaccurate because it omits to contain relevant information: time frame of royalty payments of 10 years.

2. The article is inaccurate because it omits to contain relevant information: required increased exploration rates of 50%.

3. The article misleads the reader into believing something that is not factually correct. Under current law, companies cannot apply to explore in any area of New Zealand.

4. The article does not make a clear distinction between factual information and comment or opinion. The article is not correctly labelled.

5. The article is not balanced because it does not give any fair voice to an opposing view.

6. The article’s title is based on speculation.

7. It is not the Woodward report (PDF) that states a figure of $12.7 billion as your article states, it is the Ministry of Economic Development's website. The report states a maximum figure of $10,269 million. Your article is therefore incorrect by $2,431 million.
Now I have twenty working days to wait before I can make my concerns known to the BSA, which seems like an eternity in blog years. In the mean time I have to put up with people in the public domain making statements based on their misconceptions.

Unfortunately it’s a mind-numbing experience that occurs all too regularly. They’re not to blame though, as they simply believe the MSM’s disinformation and propaganda machine.

I’ve highlighted but one example of the right wing providing false information to promote their archaic and destructive policies, and I have very little faith in the toothless BSA ensuring the article becomes factual. Even if that is the case, the damage is already done.

The unaccountability of our journalists and media companies needs to be addressed in New Zealand. Only through accountability and factual reporting will we progress our knowledge-based economy.