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12 Sep 2011

Breaking: Radiation Spike in San Diego

Last week the Huffington Post reported a major power outage in San Diego, which affected 1.4 million people.
San Diego Gas & Electric Co. officials did not immediately respond to phone message. The company tweeted a message saying they were still trying to determine the cause of the massive outage.

"We continue to work on the current power outage and find the cause and solution," the company said in the tweet. "We will update you as soon as we know."

The California ISO, which operates the state's wholesale power system, has "nothing to report," spokesman Steven Greenlee said. He declined to elaborate.
It was also reported by the Los Angeles Times that the power cut shut down a couple of San Onofre nuclear reactors. But what is really interesting is that a spike in radiation levels was registered on a background radiation monitor I happen to keep an eye on.

New Zealand is 19 hours ahead of San Diego, which puts the spikes occurrence at exactly the same time as the power cuts. Here's the snap shot.
San Diego Spike in Radiation snapped 09-09-11 (9:13 PM NZT)
The authorities are still not saying what caused the major power cut, making me wonder if there might have been some sort of nuclear incident that they are trying to cover up. So what else is new?