John Key's War on Terror | The Jackal

19 Sep 2011

John Key's War on Terror

Last Tuesday the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced that New Zealand has designated a further three international terrorist groups under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002.
The groups are: Jundallah in Iran, the Revolutionary People’s Army/Party (DHKP/C) in Turkey, and the Shining Path in Peru.

“These designations help implement our international obligations under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 aimed at preventing the activities of terrorists,” says Mr Key. 

“All three entities have committed various terrorist acts, including the killing of civilians.

“As a result of the designations, any assets held by the groups and found in New Zealand either now, or in the future, will be frozen. It will also be a criminal offence to deal with their property or make property or financial services available to them.”
An EU Court of law ordered that the DHKP/C, not be included on terrorism lists in April 2008. They ruled that it's illegal to black list and freeze their assets. That ruling means EU nations are obliged to implement the court ruling, and remove the DHKP/C as a terrorist organization. In June 2010 the DHKP/C was again ruled inadmissible under EU law:
The charge consists of supposed violations of the Foreign Trade Act (AWG) in the context of alleged membership of the DHKP-C. However, almost all concrete allegations put forward referred to work done for legal cultural organizations, solidarity work to ameliorate human rights violations in Turkish prisons and financial support of political prisoners.
The evidence shows that the DHKP/C has not undertaken armed struggle for over ten years, mainly because most of them were rounded up and executed. The organizations remaining activists are now believed to live in exile, although there is still a political resistance within Turkey.

According to different sources, state terror against non-violent students, intellectuals, and political activists who were presumed to form the social, non-combatant base of the DHKP/C, claimed tens of thousands of lives. So who are the real terrorists here and why is John Key promoting a falsehood?