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5 Sep 2011

The Contradictions of David Farrar

Now we all know David Farrar from Kiwibog can be inconsistent at the best of times, but once in a while he really outdoes himself. 

His contradictions based on political preference are so blindingly obvious; I often wonder why the commentators over at the sewer don't mention it more often.

To help people wake up to Farrar's incongruity, I’m going to highlight and showcase instances of his idiotic and inconsistent ramblings from now on.

Let's take for example the 2nd September post called Labour’s biggest bribe ever, where Farrar postulates that Labour is going to make a policy announcement on the anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake. He then goes on to accuse Labour of vote buying.

Then on the 4th September Farrar wrote a blog post called Owen Glenn pledges $100m to New Zealand Youth. If we combine these two articles, what we get is pure and unadulterated dogmatism:

  • Hyde 2nd  Labour on Sunday will announce their biggest election bribe ever.  

  • Jekyll 4th That is a stunningly generous pledge. He made it on The Nation yesterday.

  • Hyde 2nd  I understand they will use the emotion around the anniversary.

  •  Jekyll 4th They chose Winston over Owen Glenn, and alienated a man who had been their biggest supporter. 

  • Hyde 2nd  They will have to announce a new tax on all New Zealanders (or maybe just on the rich pricks) to pay for it.

  •  Jekyll 4th Peters and his lawyer were exposed as blatant and repeat liars.

  •  Hyde 2nd  As they have already spent the revenue from the CGT many times over.

  •  Jekyll 4th On oath to the Privileges Committee he told the truth.

I've taken a bit of artistic license here, but you get the point. David Farrar's arguments are extremely inconsistent. He's the straw-man of the New Zealand blogosphere. Anybody got a light?