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29 Sep 2011

Keith Abbott - Asshole of the Week Award

I sometimes wonder if the Police give a damn at all about what the public thinks... They stumble along from one PR disaster to another showing very little thought for the consequences of their actions.

Their most recent decision displays utter contempt for the family of Steven Wallace, a young Waitara man the police shot and killed back in 2000.

That has to be the conclusion one comes to when the police put the trigger finger Senior Constable Keith Abbott back on the beat with another gun. What on earth are the police thinking?

Many people simply don't accept that because Abbott wasn't convicted, he isn't guilty. The decision damages the public's perception of the police, which is paramount to an effective police force.

The NZ Herald reports:
The Herald cannot reveal where he is working, but the former armed offenders squad officer is now in a role that requires him to carry a weapon while on duty - a firearm which is clearly visible on his belt.

Mr Wallace died after Mr Abbott fired a pistol at him. Mr Wallace had smashed windows and a police car with a baseball bat and a golf club. He also threatened to hit Mr Abbott.

Mr Wallace's family brought a private murder prosecution against Mr Abbott but he was acquitted after a trial in the High Court at Wellington.

Police cleared him to return to work and the Independent Police Complaints Authority found the killing to be justified.
In my opinion, killing somebody is never justified. Whether Steven Wallace deserved to be shot is a question that has cropped up before:
"What has not changed, is the failure of the Police to demonstrate respect for the grieving whanau, who lost a family member as a result of the fatal shooting by police" said Mrs Turia in 2007.
Only through the objective reviewing of police conduct can we hope to maintain a civil society. The actions of the entire justice system during this case shows a complete lack of respect for the family of Steven Wallace and the public's perception of the police. Therefore Keith Abbott is this weeks asshole award recipient.

A functioning police state needs no police - William S. Burroughs