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5 Aug 2021

National continue climate change denial

It seems somewhat absurd for there still to be climate change deniers around these days. Not only is the world experiencing unprecedented heat waves, droughts, floods and more intense wildfires than ever before, but these extreme weather events have all been categorically linked to climate change by peer-reviewed scientific research.

However it’s even more ludicrous to still have climate change deniers within our political institutions trying to persuade the public that the science isn’t settled on the matter. I am of course talking about New Zealand's Parliament, and the fact that many National Party politicians continue to question the scientific evidence concerning anthropomorphic climate change.

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

'Science of bull****': National MP Stuart Smith alleges climate change cover-up

National Party MP Stuart Smith has described a Government climate change plan as the "science of bull****" during a talk in Ashburton this week.

The KaikĊura MP floated suggestions that warmer temperatures would not cause an increase in extreme rains - contrary to the Government's National Climate Change Risk Assessment (NCCRA) plan.

Smith, who is National's climate change spokesman, confirmed during the meeting that he was making official parliamentary inquiries with Climate Change Minister James Shaw around the legitimacy of the report, sparking several heated reactions from patrons.

In other words, Stuart Smith is wasting Minister Shaw’s time.

Smith said, in light of recent floods in Mid Canterbury, that a Niwa study showed flooding risk would actually fall as the climate got warmer but had been ignored by the NCCRA document.

Stuart Smith really is on a roll lately. Not only is this idiot trying to claim that the recent severe flooding in New Zealand wasn't linked to climate change, he also wants to ban the public sector from using the word Aotearoa. Talk about a Neanderthal!

Often a person being a climate change denier and a racist goes hand in hand. But when we’re talking about duly elected officials, you would expect them to at least have enough intelligence to not express such monumentally stupid opinions in public.

Of course it would be even better if they didn’t hold these terribly out-dated opinions in the first place, because allowing them to cause us any further delay to mitigating climate change, which is what these morons are advocating for, could prove disastrous for the human race.

Therefore listening to these climate change denying fools isn't something anybody in their right mind should be doing. In fact you'd have to be a bit mentally defective to even consider supporting the views expressed by the National Party recently, particularly those concerning climate change.