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2 Aug 2021

Mass vaccination event wasn’t a shambles

If you were a food critic, would you give a restaurant a bad review before you’d even tasted a single bite of their food? Similarly, if you were a referee, would you call a game before it had even begun? Of course you wouldn’t, because that would be an utterly unfair and highly unprofessional thing to do.

However that’s exactly what the National Party and many mainstream media outlets have been doing lately. A good example of this took place last week, when National decided that the mass vaccination event which was being held at the Vodafone Events Centre over the weekend was going to be a failure even before a single vaccine dose had been administered.

On Wednesday, the National Party reported:

Government’s Vaccine Rollout A Shambles

The Government’s excruciatingly slow and chaotic vaccine rollout shows it has no idea how to get the lifesaving vaccine to New Zealanders, Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says.

“And this weekend’s mass vaccination event is indicative of just how much of a debacle the Government’s rollout has been.

“Their bright idea was to bus vulnerable people in South Auckland to the events centre in Manukau to get the jab.

“It’s no surprise the initial take up was so pathetic that the invitation had to be extended beyond the target group to get the numbers up.

These accusations were of course entirely premature, being that the National Party’s press release was made two days before the vaccination event was even due to start.

It’s really no surprise that Crusher has yet again been proven wrong! In fact she pretty much has egg perpetually on her face these days.

Despite the National Party trying to deter people from getting a jab by saying the event was going to be a shambles, the mass vaccination event has by all accounts been a resounding success.

Today, RNZ reported:

Mass vaccination event hailed as 'huge success' by organisers

A three-day mass vaccination event wrapped up in South Auckland last night with more than 15,500 people given their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

More than 5600 got inoculated on Sunday - the last day of the event - at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau. Organisers are calling it an "overwhelming success" and feedback from those getting the jab has been mostly positive.

People registered at the nearby Manukau Institute of Technology before hopping on a bus which took them to the events centre, then brought them back after their vaccination.

Amanda Maplesden spoke to RNZ as she waited for a ride back to the campus.

"It's been very efficient and everyone is very nice and it's yeah totally impressive... We now feel like Covid's actually starting to not rule our lives anymore," she said.

Such is their desperation to become politically relevant again that Judith Collins was spitting venom at problems that only exist in her befuddled imagination. In fact it’s almost as if the National Party wants New Zealand to fail in its fight against Covid-19 just so they can claim that their response to the pandemic would’ve been better.

Of course it wouldn’t have been, because opening up our borders as National wanted to do even before a vaccine was properly developed would have been a complete disaster!

This hit and miss approach to politics is one of the reasons why the blue “team” continues to poll so badly. Because when all you’ve got is fake news that even a five year old can see through, no amount of spin can repair the damage done to Crusher’s credibility…not even when a biased mainstream media is invariably entirely on the right-wings side.