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13 Mar 2020

The extremists are over-represented

Politics in New Zealand is a strange beast sometimes. Often politicians promote their ideas to the public veiled in moralistic posturing that hides their true intentions. However sometimes the veil drops and we witness the true ugliness of what certain politicians believe.

Yesterday, 1 News reported:

Shane Jones doubles down on Indian students comments in fiery clash with John Campbell 
Mr Jones' initial comments specifically said that the students coming from India had "ruined many of those institutions".  
But today, he said that the students were victims of dodgy schools. 
"Short-term migration, in my view, has been worsened by dodgy language schools and it has led to criminality where the students themselves have been victims," he says. 
"But often they're victims as a consequence of the actions of their own people. You can't walk away from that, John."

Wow! That’s some really ugly racist bullshit going on there. But why would Jones say such patently untrue things?

Mr Jones says when election day rolls around it'll be clear how the general public really feels. 
"I'll tell you, when the alarm clock rings on election day, more Kiwis - and remember, they come out at night - they're going to agree with me than you believe is possible."

Shane Jones - Racist politician
So Jones is intentionally being controversial to get attention in the hope that it will push NZ First over the 5 per cent threshold.

This type of politicking is a serious problem in Aotearoa. On one side of the political spectrum we have people like Jones pandering to racists who want to blame all the countries woes solely on immigration. On the other side we have people like David Seymour who openly elicits support from gun totting white supremacists who want to terrorise and blow up New Zealand mosques.

Then there’s the National Party, which in the face of an increasing number of unprecedented climate change disasters are seeking to impede the move towards renewable forms of energy and transport. If supporting polluting industries that could ensure our global extinction isn’t extremism, I don’t know what is.

So if you’re a white supremacist, vote for Act. If you’re a racist, vote for NZ First. And if you’re a climate change denier, vote for National. Everyone else (which would be a clear majority of Kiwis) should vote for either Labour or the Greens.