Nick Smith lied about combustible panels in NZ | The Jackal

24 Jun 2017

Nick Smith lied about combustible panels in NZ

The Grenfell Tower fire, which has caused many more deaths than the 79 currently confirmed, was thought to have started because of a faulty refrigerator. However the cause of the fire spreading so quickly has been identified as substandard combustible cladding, an insulation that has also been identified on some buildings in New Zealand.

Yesterday, Radio NZ reported:

Two Auckland high-rises found to have combustible cladding

The Auckland Council has found two high-rise buildings clad with combustible panels similar to those implicated in London's Grenfell Tower disaster.

The council has not said which buildings are affected, but says they are privately-owned and the material is being replaced with fire-proof cladding.

I very much doubt that the PE cladding that gives off cyanide gas when burnt is already being replaced on those buildings. But without the Auckland Council actually naming what buildings have used it, there’s no way to really tell.

Surely the inhabitants of those buildings have a right to know if they’re living in a potential fire hazard. Of course the Council's and current government won’t tell them, because they will want to protect rich people’s interests.

Despite this, Building and Construction Minister Nick Smith last week told Morning Report his officials were "reasonably confident" the combustible panels "have not been used in high-rise structures" in New Zealand.

Smith obviously made that false statement without first checking the facts. It's not the first time he's gone off half cocked and lied to the public about an important life threatening issue either.

The deluded Minister for Building and Housing and Minister for the Environment was obviously trying to cover for the dodgy architects, contractors and owners of the buildings where the dangerous cladding has been installed.

As usual the National party’s only concern is for the wealthy and not those who could be harmed by an inferior and dangerous product. But I guess that's just free-market capitalism for you.