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28 Jun 2017

Barclay too wasted to speak

You’ve really got to wonder why Todd Barclay was selected in the first place and then protected by Bill English and the National party for over a year? He’s clearly unfit to be an MP.

The kicker is that National party staff also thought Barclay wasn’t suitable MP material, and that’s why they were discussing his bad behaviour.

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Todd Barclay tapes reported to include talk of 'sex and drugs'

Dickson could only recall one conservation on this subject, with another National staffer in Queenstown.

It came after Barclay pulled out of a prizegiving ceremony at the Telford Agriculture College in Balclutha. Barclay had been invited as the guest of honour but instead stayed in Queenstown after a big night out. According to Dickson, it was the latest in a series of events that had concerned staff.

It appears that Todd Barclay was too wasted from partying the night before to speak at the Telford Agriculture College in Balclutha. I wonder how the event organisers feel about that?

I also wonder what drugs we're talking about and who Barclay was partying with? Perhaps someone could ask Bill English if it was class A drugs? If that's the case, why did Police close their investigation in the first place?

Being that Barclay was on company time so to speak, how does his behaviour reflect on the National party? I mean wasn't he meant to be representing the New Zealand government or something?

The National party really needs to stop scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to selecting their candidates and new members of parliament. They also need to just come clean on the Todd Barclay incident instead of attempting a complete failure of a cover-up.