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24 Jul 2014

Hosking votes National

It never ceases to amaze me just how arrogant and/or deluded the right wing media are here in New Zealand. Not only did we have TVNZ trying to portray Cameron Slater, a blogger known for his hate speech, as some sort of good guy on Seven Sharp last Thursday, now we also have TVNZ claiming that Mike Hosking is impartial enough to host a bloody leaders debate.

TVNZ's obviously prejudiced decision hasn't gone down well with Labour or their supporters and quite rightly so. In my opinion there should be a fair fight, something that just won't happen with Hosking in charge of proceedings.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Cunliffe may boycott leaders' debate over Hosking

Labour leader David Cunliffe is refusing to rule out withdrawing from TVNZ's election debate if it insists on having presenter Mike Hosking as the moderator and has also questioned Prime Minister John Key appearing alongside All Blacks on the Rugby News cover.

Mr Cunliffe confirmed this morning that his office had raised concerns about the choice of Mr Hosking for the one on one debate between Mr Cunliffe and National leader John Key because of Mr Hosking's pro-National views.

"Concerns were raised by my staff when it became apparent Mr Hosking had introduced Mr Key at his 2013 State of the Nation speech and appeared to warmly endorse him. We are in discussion with TVNZ about that and other matters."

With TVNZ trying to foist an obviously biased host onto Labour leader David Cunliffe in order to give John Key a better chance of winning the debates, they're clearly showing their true blue colours. But if that wasn't bad enough, TVNZ also wants Labour staff to waste time gathering information to show Hosking isn't an appropriate host.

His staff were preparing a dossier on statements made by Mr Hosking that were of concern because TVNZ had asked for evidence of the concerns Labour had raised.

Unbelievable! As if the right wing propagandist's love affair for John Key wasn't obvious enough already. It's not only that Hosking never says anything critical against the current government, it's that he openly hates anything remotely left wing including Labour leader David Cunliffe.

In my opinion, Mike Hosking should be given the boot for his numerous baseless and often sexist rants against the left wing that not only make him look like a fool, they also ensure that the media organisation's he works for come across as biased as well. What other explanation is there to TVNZ even proposing such a ludicrous thing?