A tale of two meetings | The Jackal

18 Jul 2014

A tale of two meetings

On Wednesday the National MP who tried to ban water, Jacqui Dean, tweeted about a meeting she and Conservation Minister Nick Smith had in Wanaka, which is part of the Waitaki electorate and a blue stronghold:

I thought this was rather amusing, being that the so-called "packed" meeting appeared to be in the lounge of a rest home with very few people in attendance. Now compare that sad gathering with one the Mana/Internet party had the previous day in Kaitaia:

National also held a marginally better attended meeting somewhere else on Tuesday:

This caused the normally right wing reporter Duncan Garner to ask; "where are the young people Chris?" Now compare that small meeting of older people with another Internet/Mana party meeting the following day:

Good to see the Internet/Mana party mobilizing some decent on the ground support.