Nathan Guy MIA | The Jackal

12 Mar 2013

Nathan Guy MIA

Today, the NZ Herald reported on Primary Industries Minister, Nathan Guy, deciding to stay in South America instead of returning home to contend with the drought.

"I can't make it rain. This is a very important trip and we're opening doors to getting our products into these markets. What I can tell farmers in New Zealand is that I am getting a regular update. The areas I have declared a medium drought event support is flowing.

Support is flowing? The Herald also reported:

A spokesman for Work and Income said no rural assistance payments had been made since drought had been declared. The payments are equivalent to the unemployment benefit and are available in extreme hardship.

So, despite no support payments being made to farmers, Nathan Guy thinks support is flowing? What an idiot!

It appears that National is trying to minimize the effects of the drought as best they can because to do otherwise might mean they had to acknowledge one of the main reasons for its severity; climate change.

Instead of waking up to the reality of anthropogenic climate change and realising that agriculture is not immune, National are simply burying their heads in the sand... What a pack of dipshits!